Morning Yoga

Test Subject V found her feet this week. Now they’re endlessly fascinating. Last week’s big discovery was that, with assistance, she could stand up. It’s now her favorite trick to show off for strangers, or for My Colleague and I. Three and a half months in, and raising a kid keeps getting better. She keeps learning tricks. She keeps engaging us more directly. She discovers new functionalities and unlocks new modes.

It’s amazing, and I feel so lucky, so blessed, to get to watch it happen every day.

This is Your Brain on Babies

Over on SciShow Psych, Hank Green talks about the physical, neurological changes that occur when you are caring for a little, tiny, screaming, wiggly human.  It’s a fun five minutes, especially if you’re currently undergoing said neurological changes:

I’m a little disappointed that non-traditional family structures haven’t been studied as much, although I have to say I’m not super surprised. While as a stay at home dad and my daughter’s primary caretaker, I’d love to see more stuff that talks about situations like mine, but they’re still just so rare as to be almost unstudied.

A few years ago, when The Fatherhood Project at Massachusetts General Hospital put together a (pretty awesome) lit review on fatherhood, it included sections on divorced fathers, incarcerated fathers, non-resident fathers, and co-parenting situations, but nothing on families where a man or men are primary caregivers.

C’mon, dads—we’ve gotta do better.